Meet the Vice President

Lazabia Jackson

"I am always intrigued when someone asks me to tell them about myself because I can’t do that limited time."

- Lazabia Jackson

Throughout his 18 years on this planet Lazabia has been working vigorously to leave a legacy behind and pursue what we as a society define as “greatness.” This burning desire arises because he considers himself the embodiment of Milwaukee. The second poorest and third most segregated city in America. From the age of 8 and until he graduated high school, Lazabia was a football star in every league or game. He received first team all regional, all area, and all city honors for the position of running back and even went to state for track as senior in high school. Although accomplishing all of these feats, Lazabia knew it wasn’t what he wanted to pursue as a career because for him it wasn't spiritually fulfilling. Lazabia wanted to be a college student without being restricted by sports or a coach without any interest of the well-being of himself beyond college. He wanted to be the student that kids from his community could look up to and say “he made it” without having play to basketball, football or running track.

Fast forward to the present and he is now what he calls, "the illumination of my city that I always yearned to become." Lazabia has made the dean’s list, became vice president of two student organizations, began a music/ media label, helped orchestrate community events in his city and plans on rolling out a technical app to save lives of the kids in his community.  Most importantly he has done all of this while staying true to himself and where he comes from. "I stand here today a Sophomore community leader with aspirations of becoming a Director, Cinematographer, and Screenwriter." Lazabia hopes that with his Digital Media major and minor in Film & Writing Intensive he will graduate with a job or better yet film school.

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